For the first time ever, Boots and Hearts is proud to feature an all-female headlining stage. Get to know the 14 ground-breaking females who are ready to make your festival experience one to remember. As country music’s best-selling female artist says – LET’S GO GIRLS! From guitars riffs to fashion trends and Grammy awards – these 14 women are bound to make this a weekend to remember.


An icon to many and a Queen of Country to all, Shania Twain’s talent and success has reigned in awards, titles, and broken records alike. Her iconic lyrics, both infectious and audible from a single note. The once, Ontario-local, has since delivered the best country album of all time while going on to obtain music accreditation and awards of all-kind. Creating and slaying the music of many generations, Shania continues to impress and bless us with her presence after all this time.


An undefinable artist, Ell is a talented guitarist, vocalist, and so much more. Priding herself on painting the entire picture when it comes to making her music, you won’t only find Ell on stage but also writing, singing, and producing her projects. Preaching confidence, Ell continues to inspire us to free ourselves from the aspects of life that no longer serve us well. Caring “a little less about what everyone else thinks,” has been the magic that makes her feel relatable and real.


With us since the very beginning, Patrick is headed back to Boots and onto the main stage! Back to back, CCMA Female Artist of the Year, Patrick is an authentic and tells it like it is. Continuing to make history and the soundtracks for our lives, Patrick IS Canadian Country.


    Another record-breaker, Porter became the first female artist to have three back-to-back number one singles at Canadian Country radio in 22 years, the first since music-mogul, Shania Twain. Yet another Canadian, Porter is a classical violinist whose talent knows no borders. From her debut EP to featured singles, Porter’s talents are here to stay.


    From TikTok to top-charts, Ottolini released a ‘heartbreak healer’ that shot her to the top of Rolling-Stone’s all-genre Trending 25 chart. Her Canadian grown vulnerability and realness will ‘have you in love or piss you off’. If there is something to be said, Ottolini is not afraid to be the one to say it. Her resilience, talent, and confidence are just a few of the reasons that we are obsessed with the artist that Ottolini has become.


    Commonly known as ‘the next big thing in country’, Clark is only moving up and onward. The only Country artist recognized on BILLBOARD’s annual “21 Under 21” all genre list, we can’t contain our excitement over what’s to come next. From self-recorded cover sessions to 28 million video views, we are stoked that Clark is #BootsBound.


    Topping the all-genre charts, Block’s single “Just About Over You” skyrocketed her straight into the spotlight. Her transparent relationship with her fans has created an irreplaceable bond for both. Block prides herself in portraying ‘the funny, the sassy, the trashy, and even the sad’. And we can’t wait to welcome all of it to our stage.


    From bonus tracks to breakout moments, Wade has received words from the likes of Rolling Stone, Spotify, and more. Also catching the ears of Sony Music CEO, Randy Goodman. Crowning her cover of Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley , one of his personal favourites. “It’s a big time for females in country music,” says Wade and we can’t agree more. Safe to say, we’re ready for Wade and all she has to bring along with her.


    Kozak embodies all that we love about Country music and our roots at Boots. She released her single, First Last Name under the label Songs & Daughters. A musical home for female creatives to tell honest stories about real lives in their own words. Something we can definitely get behind. The countdown is on until we welcome this power at Boots 2022!


    When paths crossed by chance, the country duo, Five Roses was formed. Ouimet’s writing paired with Godin’s vocals was the match the pair realized they were looking for. From recording demos, to sessions in Nashville, these Canadians are #BootsBound!


    With inspiration rooted deeply throughout Country music, Kennell has since been noted as one of CBC Music’s most anticipated albums of the year. Kennell is an empowering and captivating artist that we can’t wait to hear more from.


    Leading ladies, Chelsea McWilliams and Danielle Beaudin pride themselves on touching upon taboo topics to uplift females in “a powerful, playful, and confident way”. With nationwide recognition, the band’s songs are anthems and a way for women to take charge of their own desires and attraction. And their undeniable chemistry and shared musical passion makes them quite a sight to see.


    Canadian singer-songwriter, Sykamore isn’t new to the Boots stage but has since made her mark in the international Country scene. Always on our must-watch list, we’re proud to see her growth and of course, thrilled to welcome her back on the Boots stage!

    JESS & TAY

    Sisters by heart instead of by blood, Jess Bowen and Taylor Adams are set to hit the Boots stage again in 2022, after competing as finalists in the 2016 Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase. It’s been a long time coming, but we couldn’t be happier to welcome them back!

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