Boots & Hearts Holiday Gift Guide

By December 10, 2017Boots & Hearts

Alright y’all, the holidays are creepin’ up, and if you’re anything like us, you’re a bit of a last minute shopper. Well, not this year! We’ve got the ultimate holiday gift guide for all the festival lovers in your life.

Portable Speaker

If you’re a part of the #BootsFam (and we know you are), then you’re always listening to music. A portable speaker is the perfect gift for any festival goer. It’s the easiest way to keep the party going back at your site and the best way to blast your honky-tonk tunes. | Our Pick: Ultimate Ears

Boots & Hearts Tickets

This is THE ultimate gift – so great it would even put a smile on the mean old face of Mr. Grinch! Why? It’s the party of the year featuring everyone’s favourite country music stars! Enough said. Grab yours HERE!

Sleeping Bag

It’s a no-brainer: If you’re going to a camping festival, you’re going to need something to cosy up in after a long day of partying. Because everyone needs their beauty sleep for the next day of festivities… right? | Our Pick: Coleman

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Shot Ski

Alright, this one is for that partier in your life. The perfect addition to any campsite, a shot ski is a sure-fire way to turn up the fun. And hey, you might even attract some new friends. | Our Pick: Yardsale Yeti Shot Ski Company


Not only will you be a hero for getting your buddy a new favourite swimsuit, but you’ll also be preparing them for all of the summer’s wet festival activities. Did someone say slip n slide?


This one is a must for Boots and Hearts. Sure, we love a good all-nighter too, but we also love a comfy place to retreat to when it’s time to recharge. We recommend the Coleman Dome, Modified Domes or Fast Pitch Tents: Two minutes to set up = more time to party! | Our Pick: Coleman

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Sometimes the weather can be… a little unexpected, so we have to be prepared for the worst. That’s definitely not going to stop the party though. If you’ve got a sweet pair of boots on your feet, ain’t nothin’ gonna stop you from rockin’ out with your #BootsFam.

Sirius XM Subscription

Are you looking to impress your friends with the best commercial-free music, plus sports, comedy, news and more? SiriusXM lets you discover new music, the hottest tunes and best classics on satellite and streaming from favourites like Alan Jackson, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, Dallas Smith, and much more.

Tent Finder

Can’t find your campsite? (Or maybe just had one too many?) Get home safe and sound with this tent finder. Could there be a better stocking stuffer? | Our Pick: Tile