Camping Tips!

Camping Tips

15 Camping Tips that just might save the day!


1. Arrive as one!
If you’re planning on taking two vehicles try to send all your camping gear in the vehicle that will be parked on your camp site. Remember, only one vehicle is permitted per camp site. If you need additional parking remember you must purchase the appropriate parking pass and will be assigned a parking spot in the appropriate parking lot upon your arrival.

2. Make your campsite your own!
We number each site, but bring something that stands out to make it easier to find your camp site after a long day. Get creative, bring some sort of flag, material, glow sticks or a bright coloured sign to make it easier to find your campsite.

3. Prepare your meals in advance!
If you’re looking to bring food, it may be a good idea to prepare meals in advance so that you have less to pack and will have more time to enjoy the entire festival. Keep in mind there will be lots of food vendors on-site to feed your hunger.

4. Consider a small key lock for your tent!
As close as you and the other campers will be by the end of the festival, we suggest keeping valuables at home or locked in your car. It may be a good idea to purchase a small lock for your tent to prevent anything from going missing while you are away. Security and police will be present within all camping areas but we cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen objects.

5. Pack a portable phone charger!
If you’re spending the weekend on-site and need your smartphone to last so you can view our Snap Chats and tweet along with us, you are going to need lots of battery life! Consider picking up a portable phone charger or an extra battery pack for your cellphone.

Mobile Charger

6. Bring plastic bags… and some more plastic bags!
You can never have enough plastic bags while camping. Use them to collect your garbage, to store your clothing in and to put your shower supplies in. A small plastic bag with a seal also works great for using your cellphone in the rain.

7. Ensure you have good bedding!
A good nights sleep goes along way. You could lay down foam mats under your sleeping bag or lay on an air mattress for added comfort. Bring lots of pillows, sheets and blankets.

8. Prepare yourself for all weather!
If you have attended Boots and Hearts in the past you’re probably a pro at camping in the rain. Don’t forget to pack a tarp and rope for added shelter. Newspaper and sponges are useful incase water does find its way into your tent or trailer, that way you can soak up the wet and keep your sleeping area and clothing dry. Soaks, sandals, rubber boots, shorts, track pants, hats, sun screen, ponchos, sweaters, tank tops are all a great idea.


9. Keep the glass at home!
No glass is permitted anywhere on-site, including your campsite. Remember kegs are also not welcome at Boots and Hearts.

10. Respect the space limits!
Remember that you have your own space. Don’t be that group that takes up more space than we have marked for you. Camping is a first-come, first-camped, so if you want to have a spot beside another group your best bet is to arrive together. For details on how large the campsites are visit our Travel and Lodging page.

11. Bring some activities for your campsite!
While you’re waiting for the main entertainment area to open you may want to pass some time. We suggest bringing some stuff to do on your camp site such as a football, frisbee, hacky sack, or bubbles! Please respect those around you while you are using these objects.

12. Get to know those around you!
When you set up your camp site, introduce your group to the neighbours beside you. This will make your overall experience a better time and hey – who doesn’t like meeting new friends?

13. Get some earplugs!
If you’re a light sleeper and are big on catching as much sleep as possible we suggest packing some ear plugs to help drown out any noises. We do ask all of our fans to be respectful of those around them but sometimes people like to have a nap during the day too.

Ear Plugs

14. Beware of fire!
Absolutely no open fires are permitted anywhere on the grounds. Propane fireplaces are also not permitted. The only fire-generating devices allowed are those used explicitly for cooking purposes only.


15. Ensure you are familiar with all the rules and regulations around camping! 
Take a read through of the entire websites FAQs and ensure you take a read through of the camping rules available here: