3 Reasons WHY we LOVE Hunter Hayes

1. His sophmore album “Storyline” shows his softer, vulnerable side.
With tracks like “Invisible”, “Tattoo”, and “You Think You Know Somebody” Hunter reveals his softer side discussing his past with heartbreak, love and insecurity.

2. He just broke a Guinness World Record.
Hunter played 10 concerts within 24-hours taking the title for most shows played within 24-hours! Not only was this a huge accomplishment for Hunter through a partnership with ConAgra Foods, they have raised some money in effort to help end child hunger.

Hunter Hayes Guiness

3. He is pure talent and nice on the eyes too.
Aside from singing and playing guitar, this heartthrob can play the bass guitar, drums, keyboards the accordion and more. What takes the gold is the fact that he taught himself how to play. He also has writing and production credits on both albums.

Hunter Hayes