The Evolution of Boots & Hearts

The Evolution of Boots & Hearts

It’s year 5! We’ve been through some crazy times, but we’ve been through them together which makes us all officially one big crazy country family. Boots & Hearts wasn’t always what it used to be…(insert cheesy flashback sound)

Year 1 (2012): Boots & Hearts is born.


Year 2 (2013): When you realized Boots & Hearts 2012 was actually a pretty good time so you decide to go in 2013.


Year 3 (2014): Toby Keith, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton headlining?! Now we got the party goin’!


Year 4 (2015): The first round of tickets sold out in just minutes. Boots & Hearts is THE party of the summer and if you ain’t there, you’re square.


annnnd then there’s this year which y’all don’t know too much about yet but we can promise you, there will be a whole lotta this going on pretty damn soon…



Stay tuned.