S*!T Boots & Hearts People Say…

S*!T Boots & Hearts People Say…

It’s true. Boots people have their own language….

1. “Anyone up for a dip in the mini pool?”

giphy (4)

2. “This game of 100 person flip cup is getting intense”

giphy (5)

3. “I want Pizza Pizza”

giphy (6)

4. “Somebody stole my tent”

giphy (7)

5. “I don’t even know how I found my way back to my campsite last night”

giphy (8)

6. “We just became best friends in the porta potty line”

giphy (9)

7. “I just threw some burgs on the BBQ”

giphy (10)

8. “Slip & Slide time”

giphy (16)

9. “This is our funnel, his name is Beer Shelton”

giphy (20)

10. “Let’s meet in BOOMTOWN”

giphy (22)