Shorter wait time and cheapest parking

Directions 101

Want to spend less time waiting in line and pay the minimum for parking? Do yourself and everyone in line a favour… PLEASE get your parking pass before you arrive at Boots and Hearts.


2 reasons to get your parking pass NOW

  1. Enjoy priority lane entry to the General Admission Parking Lot all while adding to the greater good by keeping the traffic flowing.
  2. The price is CHEAPER if you buy before you arrive!

If you arrive without parking, not only will you be waiting in longer lines, but you will create delays for all other festival-goers and need to purchase a parking pass on-site. General admission parking passes are currently available for $19.99 per day and $54.99 for the weekend and include express lane entrance to GA parking. Click here to purchase.

Anyone that arrives without a parking pass will be charged $40.00 for single day or $80.00 for the weekend. We accept CASH ONLY and you can expect to wait in a longer traffic line due to processing.


Be a true country fan, get your parking now, keep the traffic moving for you and the rest of the community and save your cash.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are parking in the General Admission parking lot and planning to camp with friends, due to space limitations on the shuttles you can only bring with you what can fit in your two hands. Have more stuff that needs to be brought to a campsite? Please coordinate in advance with the friends you will be meeting before you arrive.

Daily shuttles to/from the day parking lot end at 3:00 am. Single Day Parkers must vacate the parking lot no later than 3:00 am or they will be ticketed or towed. Please be wary of this timeline as we don’t want any of our festival patrons to have to deal with tickets and/or towing.