Post Boots & Hearts: The 5 Stages

The 5 post Boots & Hearts stages we all go through!

Admit it, the days after and leading up to festival are like an emotional roller coaster we all LOVE to be on! Here are the 5 Post Boots & Hearts stages we go through!


1. Euphoria – Riding that after festival high.

The days after Boots & Hearts are mostly spent with your head in the clouds, reliving those special moments, catching up on hilarious stories, looking at everyone’s pictures and videos and making plans to hang out with all the new friends you met!


2. Serious Withdrawals – The struggle is real.

Weather gets cooler, you start to plan for back to school. you have to go shopping for boring things like pencils and paper instead of snacks, cowboy hats and beer! It couldn’t be worse, oh wait, it could, you have to see all the amazing #TBT posts!! The thought “Why can’t Boots & Hearts be 365 days a year?!” is constantly running through your mind.

2. Serious Withdrawals

3. Anxiety – The waiting game.

Once you learn to manage the absolute sadness that is the Boots & Hearts withdrawal, you start to realize the anxiety of the 2016 ticket on-sale. When will tickets be on sale? Booking the time off work to be at your computer and ready to go. Coordinating friends to see who will buy what! Some serious planning goes into this shiz, we know!

3. Anxiety

4. Anticipation – Things are starting to look up!

Now that you have your tickets purchased, you can relax and enjoy the ride! This consists of: waiting for lineup announcements, entering contests for Meet & Greets/festival perks, and starting to daydream about Boots & Hearts 2016!

5. Elated – The countdown begins.

Before you know it, you’re buying supplies, making packing lists, coordinating rides and uploading Boots & Hearts playlists!

5. Elated


So hang in there folks! It may be crazy but there isn’t anyone we’d rather be in this with! Don’t forget to keep #BootsLife alive!