Girl Guide: Stay Cute While Camping!

A girl’s guide on how to stay fresh during a festival

We’ve all been there. It’s day 3 of Boots. Shower time is limited, it’s hot, sticky and you look like you’ve just been to war (which you kinda have been) so here are some awesome products to keep you fresh as a daisy at Boots & Hearts!


Dry shampoo, it’s like a shower in a can.


Waterproof mascara…to avoid this.


A tinted moisturizer with a high SPF is way better than greasy sunscreens.


For the nights, you’re just too tired to wash your face.


Bug spray that won’t burn your nostrils and smells pretty.



Hair accessories are always good when you can’t figure out what else to do with your mane!

Spray Tan

Get a spray tan…or don’t. Either way, build a base so you glow!


and when all else fails just put on the biggest pair of sunglasses you can find!