Fav Moments from the Past 4 Years!

Favourite Moments from Years 1-4!

Here we are y’all! Coming into our 5th year of Boots & Hearts already. The past 4 years have been absolutely incredible and we can’t wait to throw a huge party summer 2016 to celebrate. In the meantime let’s flash back to some of our favourite moments from 2012-2015.

1. Circa 2012

Dean Brody surprising everyone in our first year by coming out on a flatbed truck.

#1 - Dean Brody

2. Circa 2013

Dierks Bentley giving his guitar to a fan in the crowd and letting her hop on stage to run the runway. Then killin’ his entire set!

3. Circa 2014

Luke Bryan shakin’ it on stage…need we say more?

#3 - Luke Bryan

4. Circa 2014

Brett Kissel kickin’ Boots off right by performing on top of the Coors Banquet truck!

5. Circa 2015

Thomas Rhett giving Luke Bryan a run for his money, shakin’ his money maker.

#5 - Thomas Rhett

6. Circa 2012

Tim McGraw headlining the first ever Boots & Hearts was pretty epic.

7. Circa 2013

The fireworks after Jason Aldean blew us away!

#7 - Fireworks

8. Circa 2014

Blake Shelton rocking the business in the front, party in the back by wearing a mullet on stage.

9. Circa 2014

Who could forget the hail storm! Having to cancel a few performances sucked but at least everyone got some free ice for their coolers!

10. Circa 2015

Nashville takin’ over and it’s a family affair! Lennon and Maisy performing for the first time ever with their parents, The Stella’s on the Boots & Hearts Main Stage.

So cheers to 4 years! Here’s to all the great memories and here’s to thousands more in the years to come!