Exclusive: Interview with Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt 2016

Before taking the 2017 Boots & Hearts stage in August, we caught up with Andrew Hyatt to chat all about his entry into the country music scene, his key influences, and what this country rockstar has up his sleeves for the near future:

1. In what moment did you realize you were born to make music?
I think I was 12 or 13 and I had this old harmony acoustic that was missing a few strings and I started teaching myself chords and singing over them. I always just sort of gravitated towards singing and music – I’m not sure I ever had a choice.

2. We have to know – How did you get your nickname “the captain”?
Well, I have a tendency to lead the charge when it comes to late nights and good times haha. . . If there’s a good time to be had you can bet I’ll be pushing for it! 

3. Can you take us through your writing process, and how your songs come together?
When it comes to writing I always like to write what’s real to me, I need to relate or have a moment that I’m writing about. If I find that, everything just sort of comes out together, music and lyrics…

4. Which artist/band would you consider to be your biggest influence?
I think my favourite record of all time is U2’s the Joshua tree. But as far as influential bands, I grew up on gospel and old school country. Chattahoochee was the first song I ever learned front to back but then again I’ve got roots in everything from Matchbox Twenty to Waylon Jennings. 

5. If you could write a song with anyone in the world (country music or not), who would you choose?
Right now it would be Donovan Woods or Jason Isbell.

6. What is currently on your playlist right now?
I’ve been on a Donovan Woods / Jason Isbell kick for a while. The new Ryan Adams record and JJ Shiplett have been on repeat as well. James Barker Band too. Anything with depth lyrically really…

7. What’s your favourite thing about performing live?
The high. My band knows this about me, there is no high like playing live music for me. I love connecting with people and watching songs bring together a room full of strangers. It’s the best.

8. Why are you excited to play Boots & Hearts?
Any day I get to play music is the best day ever. I guess Boots & Hearts is sort of a validation that I’m on the right path and that people are listening. 

9. Who are other artists performing a Boots & Hearts that you’re excited to share a stage with?
JJ Shiplett, Alee, Jessica Mitchell, Keith Urban. I have an immense respect for every artist on the bill because I understand the level of sacrifice it’s taken to get there.

10. What can we expect from you in the near future?
New music :) . In summary, this new record is really personal to me. I’m actually pretty scared to put it out because it’s very transparent. I guess that’s the point though, right?!

Check out Andrew Hyatt’s latest single, “She Ain’t You”, here.