Country Music’s Newest Outlaw

Here’s why Eric Church is, and always will be, this generations favourite country music rebel.


1. He Has No Filter
Journalists from around the world have come to know that Eric Church will not filter himself. He’s been known to drop the f-bomb and other profanities during live radio and TV interviews. If you’re expecting a sugar-coated answer from the Chief himself, don’t hold your breath, he will say what he wants when he wants.

2. He’s got the look
You will rarely see Eric Church without his signature aviator glasses, trucker hat and leather jacket. If means wearing it to some of country music’s biggest events, then so be it.

3. He’s a Badass
Church is an open advocate for marijuana, which is reflected in his music. He was strongly advised to not release the song “Smoke a Little Smoke” on his album “Carolina” but he did anyway and it turned out to be a huge success.

Whether it’s run-ins with the boys in blue or being known as the “hook-up” in the country music community, Eric Church wears his bad-boy title proudly.

Eric Church

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