Boots & Hearts RFID Cashless

Boots & Hearts RFID Cashless

Hey guys and gals, we want to make your festival experience as easy as possible. Kick up your boots and check out our new RFID cashless program!

What is RFID Cashless?

Your RFID wristband will now serve as your ticket AND your digital wallet. You will be able to use it to purchase food, drink, merchandise, showers all with a simple tap. All you need to do is register your it ( and then follow the prompts to add cash.

Intro to RFID wristbands

  • You MUST have your wristband on to enter the festival site
  • Wristbands serve as your ticket and wallet
  • RFID wristbands will be the only method of payment accepted for goods/services on-site

Benefits of RFID cashless wristbands

  • Faster entry
  • Faster transaction times
  • Reduced wait times and line-up
  • Super convenient; no need to carry wallets and fumble through change/tokens
  • Efficient and saves time through pre-top-up and auto-top-up
  • Safe and Secure
  • Opportunity to win prizes and giveaways
  • Overall, an enhanced guest experience!

What can I purchase with my wristband?

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Merch
  • Showers ** will be pay per shower. There will NOT be shower passes in 2016.

Step-by-step instructions will be mailed out with your wristbands 2-3 weeks before festival. In the meantime, read below for detailed instructions on how to register and load cash!


Boots & Hearts is a completely cashless festival. Your wristband is your ticket and your digital wallet.

Boots & Hearts has gone cashless! 2-3 weeks before festival you will be mailed your RFID-enabled wristband that will serve as your ticket to enter the festival and your digital wallet. Purchases for food, drinks and merchandise at the event will all be available with a simple TAP of your wristband!

Using the cashless wristband, you will be able to avoid bringing large amounts of cash or the risk of losing your wallet and credit cards. Cashless is a fast, convenient and secure way to make purchases by loading or “topping-up” pre-paid ” Festival Dollars” into your account online BEFORE the festival or at a physical “Top-up” Station located throughout the grounds. The event currency conversion is $1 CAD- 1 Festival Dollar.

The cashless wristband is the only form of payment accepted by all bars and vendors which will allow you to benefit from fast transaction times, reduced line-ups, and an overall enhanced experience. All of these great benefits will give you more time to spend enjoying the festival! The most convenient way of loading Festival Dollars onto your account is to top-up online BEFORE the festival. Any leftover funds you don’t spend on your account will be refunded back to you after the event (refer to “Refund Policy” section and our website).



STEP 1 – Registering Your Wristband: Visit BOOTSANDHEARTS.COM/REGISTER Click on the “Register Your Wristband” button to be re-directed to the registration page.

STEP 2 – Upon Confirmation of Registration: Click on the “Activate Cashless Account” button to be re-directed to the activation page. Click “Sign Up” to use an existing Facebook account or click “Activate” to sign up manually. You will receive an email from Intellipay asking you to confirm your activation by clicking the activation button in the email. Follow the instructions on the website to finish setting up your account.

STEP 3 – Linking Your Wristband: Once you’re logged in to your personalized account page, click the “Wristbands” Tab at the top menu and select “I have a wristband”. Enter the Security Code (shorter number) and Wristband UID Number (longer number) located on the back of the RFID wristband. Click “Add”.

STEP 4 – Topping Up Your Account: Click the “Top-up” Tab at the top menu. You will be asked if you want to “Enable Auto-Top- up” (see below for details). You can click “Maybe later” or “Yes, enable”. Enter the amount you wish to top-up, review your order and click “Checkout” when ready. You will be re-directed to the payment site where you can enter your credit card information. You will receive confirmation of the transaction on the website, as well as an email receipt sent to your inbox automatically. You will also be able to view the transaction and download the receipt on your account page.

ENABLE AUTO TOP-UP: The easiest way to add credit to your account is to “Enable Auto Top- up” when you’re adding credit for the first time. With the “Enable Auto Top-up” feature, your account balance will automatically re-load a 50$ pre-paid credit into your account when your balance drops below the 20$ amount. This way, you never have to worry about running low on credit at the festival and you won’t need to spend any time finding a ‘Top-up Station’ before making purchases on-site. The pre-paid amount will automatically be charged to your credit card and you will receive an email notification. Any balance remaining at the end of the event is refunded back to you! It’s simple and super convenient!