Boots 101: The Boots and Hearts App

Plan it out with the Boots & Hearts App!

Like to be prepared? We’ve got your back. With the Boots and Hearts App for iPhone and Android, you can make sure you’re always in the loop.

Get Organized!

Scared that two of your favourite country singers are going to be playing at the same time? Don’t fret! The Boots and Hearts app makes it easy to know exactly when and where you’re favourite artists are playing by telling you the time and location on a map for easy access.

Get organized

Plan Your Days

With the Boots and Hearts app, we make it easy to plan your day and create your schedule. When you click on one of your favourite artist’s profile on the Lineup section, there is an easy “Add To Schedule” button that you can click to make sure you don’t miss out. Your personalized schedule will be organized by days, time and locations. So you’re always in the right spot at the right time!

Plan Your Days

Looking For Something New?

Is there an artist or band at Boots and Hearts that you don’t know too much about? By clicking an artist’s name on the Lineup page, you can view their “About” section. Listen to recent tunes and read bios to get up to speed! Plus, we’ve added all their Twitter handles so you can let them know how well they did after the show.

Looking for something new

Join the Crowd

Don’t forget to check out our “What’s Hot” page! You can see which artist at the event is most liked and most scheduled by other Boots and Hearts fans that use the app. Make sure you like an artists page on the app to contribute!

Join the Crowd

Don’t Get Lost!

The Boots and Hearts app has an amazing map of the grounds to point out every hot spot. Check out the “Eat and Play” section. You can take a sneak peek at all of the delicious food vendors that will be at Boots and Hearts, along with retailers and all of our main attractions in the SiriusXM Fan Fair Village! The map also makes it super easy for you to find where the washrooms, showers, water stations, ATMs, shuttle pick up’s, and of course any info booths are.

Don't Get Lost

Be in the Loop

Make sure you look to the “News & Social” section where you can find all of our social media pages. You can find important news here regarding festival grounds, artist performances and much more!

Be in the Loop