Boots 101: Clothing Tips

Boots and Hearts Clothing Tips

Not a packer? Don’t sweat it! We can help you out. These items are MUST-HAVES for Boots & Hearts 2015!

As you all know, the weather at Boots and Hearts has a mind of it’s own and with all the excitement leading up to the festival it can be easy to forget the items that can help make your weekend that much more comfortable!

Rainy Weather

It can get a little wet at Boots so make sure to be prepared with a Poncho, Rain Boots, bathing suit and of course … your Umbrella Hat!Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.07.13 AM

Hot Weather

Those long, hot and humid days can really take a toll, so make sure your prepared with your daisy dukes, sun glasses, tanks and ball caps … or better yet Cowboy Hat! Oh ya, and don’t forget to load up on the sunscreen!

Cold Weather

We wont be dealing with snowstorms (but it is Canada…) however there is a chance that it might get a little chillier in the evening. Make sure to wear layers and pack some shoes/boots, sweaters, jeans and your plaid long sleeves!

Most Important

Being prepared for all weather is crucial but there’s no arguing that the most important gear to bring is your dancing gear! Comfy clothes and of course your dancin’ shoes!

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