Boots 101: Camping Tips

Your Guide to Camping at Boots and Hearts

Think ya’ll got what it takes to camp at Boots and Hearts? Make sure you’re prepared with these six tips.

Use a checklist

Wouldn’t it suck to forget your cowboy boots to stomp in the dirt when your favourite artist was on stage? Use a checklist to make sure you’ve got every necessity from head to toe!

Mark your spot

Lots of people have similar tents or cars, make yours easy to find by decorating your campsite as a reminder of where you and the gang are located! Throw a flag up during the day and some glow in the dark lights at night so it gets you where you wanna go.

Light it up

While we’re lettin’ the night roll, it’s sometimes hard to find your campsite in the dark. Bring along some battery powered string lights and hang ‘em around your campsite to make sure can find your way around.

Campsite fun

Show your camp neighbours where the party at when ya’ll find some down time from all the excitement. Pack some games to kick back and relax with. Anything from card games or monopoly to hula-hoopin’ or frisbee. You’ll be sure to have a good time!

Use the buddy system

With so many people and so much space it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Grab your homeboy and ask them to go with you when you have to use the restroom or step away from your group.

Be prepared for the weather

Camping is full of surprises – especially when it comes to the weather. Make sure you’re prepared for the hot days and even the days when it rains. To make sure your tent doesn’t turn into a river bank, lay a tarp under and on top of your tent and don’t forget to keep your belongings away from the walls.


We hope ya’ll are prepared and excited to camp with us at Boots and Hearts this year!