B&H Coffee – Small Batch Blend!


The first cup of coffee in the morning …#lifesaver, right?

Fans attending Boots & Hearts 2015 thought so and they asked us to bring more of this tasty morning necessity to Boots 2016…We heard ya!

You’ll be able to try it first at BH5 (aka Boots & Hearts 2016).

It’s called the Boots & Hearts Small Batch Blend coffee. We hand selected and tasted the 100% Arabica blend to be sure the roast created the perfect cup for all
of us who wake up to hit the day hard but gotta have that cup of joe to kick start the engine. It’s also perfect for summer mornings…not too bold, not too light. We work hard and play harder, but we’re not pro-roasters. So we’ve partnered with our friends at singlejocoffee.com to bring you coffee by the cup and by the bag.


Coffee by the cup or by the bag will be available first at Boots & Hearts, across four locations. Look for the “Boots & Hearts Coffee” signs in the east or west campground, in the 24 hour zone, and/or the main food court in BOOMTOWN. The locations will also be on the map in our mobile app.

For those who want to keep #BootsLife going long after BH5, or maybe you decided you didn’t want to have fun this summer and aren’t attending this year but want to try this tasty goodness out, Boots & Hearts Small Batch Blend by the bag will be available online (starting August 8th) at singlejocoffee.com.

We hope you try it and love it as much as we do!

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